Adding Travel Videos to Blogs

If you a travel photographer or videographer, then you are probably going to want to add your travel videos to blogs. This is a great way to show off where you were on your travels, and it helps people get to know you as a photographer. While this feat may sound difficult, it is actually quite easy.

Step 1: Adding Your Video to a Sharing Site

The first thing that you want to do is add your video to a video sharing site. You have a few choices for this, including Google Videos and YouTube. There is just one thing to remember with these sites. If you do not make the video private, anyone will be able to view it. You may want this for most videos.

If you, however, only want your blog readers to see the videos, you can set them to private. On Google Videos, this is the Unlisted option in Access, and it’s the Private or Unlisted option on Broadcast in YouTube.

Step 2: Uploading Your Video

Since YouTube is the most popular choice, here are the steps to uploading your video to this site. You first need to create a free account. Once signed up, log into your account, and select the Upload option at the top.

Then, select Upload a Video again. The video will start uploading. In the screen that pops up, you can fill out information about your video including tile, description, tags and category. Then, select Save Changes.

At the bottom, you will see an Embed link. You simply need to copy and paste this link into your blog.

Step 3: Adding a Video to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging sites. To add a YouTube video to WordPress, you simply need to click on the Add a Video, and then copy the video’s main link into the URL file. Then, you need to add a few items, including brackets and youtube=. For example, the final link should look like this: [youtube=].