Adding a Photo Blog Section to Your Website

Adding a photo blog to your website is very easy. This makes it possible to display all sorts of photos. Photo websites are perfect for photographers who want to display their skills. There are a number of different software packages which can be used to add a photo gallery or blog to your site.

Displaying Photos

A photo blog is a brilliant way of displaying all your photographs. Most digital photos are very large, and this can make looking at them difficult. Photo blogging sites make it possible for your visitors to easily search through your photos. The photos will be displayed in a smaller size than normal. There is also normally an option to describe the photo.

The photos can be displayed and grouped together depending on different criteria. It's possible to display photos that were taken in a similar location or depending on different dates.

Larger Photos

It's also possible to allow your visitors to click on the photo to access the full sized photo. This is a standard feature of most of these photo blog software packages.

Ordering Prints

A great way for a photographer to make money is to allow visitors the chance to order prints. These prints can be ordered by simply clicking a link next to the photo. A photo blog is a good way to attract new visitors to look at your photos. This is because search engines prefer these to stock photo websites.

By selling photos on your own site, you will also be able to make more money. There is no need to pay any commission to the stock photo agencies.