A Basic Overvew to Apple's Compressor

If you would like to share video or audio media, it would be a little difficult to transfer the file to a website or drive since the file size can be quite large unless you use a compressor. A compressor is an audio or video media compression application generally integrated in the Final Cut Pro suite of Apple.

Features of Apple's Compressor

There are several features of the new compressor that you need to know about. Some of the new features of Apple's Compressor are now streamlined, making it easier for you to give out several formats that come from a single source file. The new compressor from Apple also has the capability to provide output in multiple formats deriving from different files without the need to transfer files.

The job chaining application in the compressor provides you with the capability of using one output as a source for another. This feature also has 100 different presets that instantly examine the files. Users can also customize their own settings to give them more time for editing.

Apple's Compressor 3.5 also features audio and video filters. These filters provide you with the flexibility of preparing your file before you transfer the final output. The video filter allows you to produce footage with timecode, while the audio filter gives you more freedom in adjusting the audio of your video. 

The compressor from Apple also includes the droplets feature, which is a special tab that you can utilize in setting up and running a process in batches. This tab helps you convert a preset into a droplet instead. On the other hand, the optical flow technology is a method of motion analysis in the compressor that performs format and standard conversions.

You do not have to worry about video timing with the new compressor. With its video retiming system, you can speed up the time of your video or speed it down. You can even customize your video so it will fit into a specific duration, giving you more freedom for creativity and artistry.

Usage of the Compressor

The compressor is essentially used to compress or encode several file formats including an MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 for DVDs. Now it can also compress files from QuickTime Exporter Components.

The compressor can deliver MPEG-2 outputs in either HD or SD resolutions for stream programs. You can also create basic streams for DVD formats through this application from Apple.

H.264 is a state-of-the-art video codec that you can use to deliver video streams for distribution directly to iPod, iPhone, the web or any mobile services.

You can also use Apple's Compressor to access all QuickTime-supported codecs. Thus, you can edit your work faster without sacrificing the quality of the output.

Delivery Options of the Compressor

The Compressor provides a variety of delivery options so you are not limited to saving or transferring your video file to just a single format. You can burn your video directly to a Blu-Ray or a DVD Disc from the compressor.

With the single-click delivery, you can easily transfer files from sites like iTunes or YouTube with just one click.

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