8 Websites Picnik Can Upload Photos From

Picnik is a new online image enhancement tool that is available both to free and premium members. Though it's a fairly new player in the online photo sharing market, it has quickly risen to popularity due to its sheer usability. It's very easy to upload, edit and save images from Picnik, and you don't even have to register. If you become a registered member, you'll be able to connect your other online accounts with Picnik, and instantly grab images from other online albums.

Here are 8 websites that you can instantly link with your Picnik account and upload photos from:

1. Picasa Web Albums

This Google-driven online service can be accessed from inside Picnik. If you have any Picasa web album - be it your default web album, your uploaded Blogger images, or from your Picasa program - you can link your account with Picnik, and instantly you'll be able to upload pictures for editing.

2. Flickr

If you have many pictures in Flickr, you're in luck because you can also link your account with Picnik. Just go to the Save and Share tab, choose Flickr, and press Connect. Input the necessary details and then you're Flicker albums will be accessible within Picnik.

3. Facebook

Make sure that you've linked your Facebook account with Picnik; do this under the Library or Save and Share tab. If you want to upload a photo to Picnik from Facebook, just head to the Library tab and select the F icon. In an instant, you'll see all your Facebook photos ready for picking. When you're done editing, just enable One-Click Upload, and your finished Picnik image will be saved in your Facebook photo album.

4. MySpace

You can also grab pictures from your MySpace account. Link it to Picnik, head to the Library, and choose the MySpace icon. You'll see your photos within Picnik instantly. You can also save your edited pictures in your MySpace account.

5. Yahoo! Mail

Yes, you can access the photos that are inside your Yahoo email. If you connect your Picnik with your Yahoo account, all the image attachments in your inbox will show up in your Picnik library.

6. Photobucket

Though they offer similar services, Photobucket and Picnik can be linked up. At least you'll get the best of both online editing tools. Edited images can also be saved in your Photobucket album without leaving the Picnik site.

7. Webs

Accessing pictures within Picnik is not limited to online albums and photo sharing sites. If you have a Webs account, then you simply have to connect your Picnik with your Webs. All images that are in your Webs account will be accessible through Picnik's library. 

8. Webshots

If you're using Webshots, then you can also upload and edit images from here to Picnik. Just link up your Webs account with Picnik, and from here you can upload pictures for editing. In one click, you also save your edited images in your Webshots account.  

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