5 Tips for an Architectural Photographer Blog

When you decide to set up a photographer blog for your architectural photography business, there are a few things that you need to know in order to get the best results. Your blog will be the first point of contact for many potential customers, and you will need to get it right from the start. The following tips should help you with the basics of setting up an effective blog.

1. Creative Domain Name

Get yourself a good and creative domain name that will be memorable and one that you can build on in the long term. Thought and research are necessary for you to find and purchase a great domain name. 

2. Use Multimedia

Well prepared and presented multimedia is very effective as it gives a real life feel to your blog.  The use of multimedia is also more interactive for anyone visiting your blog.

3. Tasteful Display

Have a great display that is tasteful and stirs interest. The display of your previous work will sell you to new clients, and it needs to be excellent. A poor display will sell you short and lose prospective clients.

4. Quality Writing

Beyond having a great display, people visiting your blog will only come back or refer others if you write well. Choose interesting topics that others will want to discuss and read about.

5. Incorporate SEO

You will need to employ SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to generate traffic for your blog. While doing this, remember not to lose the quality of your blog by having key words and key links overused in an attempt to gain in ranking.