5 Popular Websites to Edit Pictures Online

There are many websites to edit pictures online. However, most people use expensive and sophisticated software programs for photo editing, which can be complicated and hard to use for the average user. Unlike these costly editing softwares, websites can offer editing tools for a low price or for free. Here are the most popular ones:

1. FlauntR

Flauntr is an online photo editor that allows you to edit and enhance your images online, without requiring a manual. You can edit the pictures your way, or use a template offered by the website. However, you will need to register to the website. 

2. Fotoflexer

Fotoflexer is a very easy website to use, and it supports many different languages. You can add effects that were available only in downloadable programs. 

3. Aviary

Aviary is a comprehensive list of applications and programs for people who create and edit images and videos. Practically you can find tools for all the tasks you want to perform.  

4. Picnik

Picnik is a user friendly website that doesn’t require any registration. It can help you edit your images the way you want, with numerous fonts, effects, frames and shapes available. 

5. Splashup

Splashup requires registration, but it is a very easy website to work on and allows you to customize your pictures at once.