5 Format Suggestions for a Digital Photo Album

A digital photo album allows you to show off your digital photos just like the old photo albums, except that you are doing it digitally. But, there are tricks to make your photo album look better and more personalized. Here are five tips to help you format your digital photo album.

Step 1: Add Text

Photo albums are merely a list of pictures if there is no context. If the digital photo album software that you are using doesn’t have space for text, there should be a way to insert text boxes. This allows you to add dates, names and information about the event taking place in the pictures.

Step 2: Put the Photos in Order

If the album is dedicated to a trip, birthday or similar events, put them in order by what happened. This will help you remember the sequence of events and add a bit more meaning from the setup. If not, it just looks like a jumble of pictures.

Step 3: Use Opposing Images

This step is especially true for vacation albums. While pictures of family and friends are great, it helps to give those pictures some context. Transpose pictures of people next to scenery. For example, you could put on one side of the page a picture of the mountain range where you were hiking, and then on the opposite page put the group photos.

It will help keep the photo album interesting and break it up better.

Step 4: Use the Clip Art--but Not Too Much

If you were hiking, you may want to put a piece of clipart showing an exhausted person. That’s great. Just don’t do too much of it. It will make your pages very busy and detract from your photos.

Step 5: Look for a Good Background

Most of the online digital photo album sites have very generic backgrounds. But, you need to find a background that is going to complement, but not wash out your pictures. For example, if you have snow pictures, go for deep blue or even red or black backgrounds. This will help bring out your pictures.