5 Benefits of Joining a Flickr Photography Group

One of the many features offered by the photography-based social networking site Flickr is the ability to join a vast array of photography groups. There is a virtually endless number of groups one could join centered around nearly every topic imaginable, and more are formed every day. Every group has its own purpose, whether a general theme (autumn) to something specific (photos of knuckle tattoos). Different groups will also have their own rules for joining, posting and commenting on photographs. Flickr photography groups can be a great asset for information and fun.

1. Exposure

Other than storage, the main point of Flickr is to share ones work with others. Joining photography groups is one the best way to direct traffic to your photographs. Yes there are tags you can attach to your photographs, but these are only useful when someone is searching for something. Joining groups, and placing your photographs in their pool will allow others to browse and come across your work. Some groups hold contests which is another great way to gain exposure. 

2. Contacts

Like any profession or hobby, contacts are an important part of learning and expanding. Flickr makes it easy to become contacts with people which enables you to see their recent activity. Making contacts through a photography group ensures you enjoy similar tastes, styles or perhaps keeping an eye out for something new. Flickr is not like many of the other social networking websites, being a contact with someone does not mean having to share all your personal information. Having a contact can be as simple as seeing their most current uploads. 

3. Advise

Joining a group allows for a discussion amongst other members who are passionate about the same thing. Read what is going on in various photo communities, learn some new tricks, or ask for advice. Whether it is a specific kind of technique, or a review on a new lens, a Flickr group can be a great source of unbiased information. 

4. Reality Check

The best way to judge the strength of your photographs is to put them up next to others. Is your work really as good as you thought it was, or could you use some improvement? It is all to easy to get wrapped up in your own work and loose perspective. However, it can also be motivational to see your work against others and see the quality of your own photographs stands up to comparison. 

5. Inspiration 

While some of the best art in history may have come out of solitude, photography in general is about communication. Looking at the works of others can be inspiring. How are others communication their message through their photographs? While inspiration comes in many forms, seeing others works may inspire the use of a new technique you have yet to attempt. Joining a Flickr photography group can inspire you to stay motivated, have fun, and continue to experiment. It is hard to stay in a photographic or artistic rut when there are new photographs to view every day. Perhaps, and best of all, posting your work in a Flickr photography group pool will inspire others either artistically or even personally. 

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