5 Benefits of a Portable Digital Photo Album

A portable digital photo album gives you the advantage of always having your photos on hand. While useful for a family, it is also invaluable for a businessman who needs to carry photographs of his catalogue at all times. The photographs are easily uploaded and can be changed extremely easily without the need of major equipment. It’s a convenient way of carrying something that used to be big and heavy. The variety of portable digital photo albums available today is extremely large, and there are several sizes to choose from (as well as several different types of finishes). Here are five benefits of a portable digital photo album:

1. Variety

You can find many styles, from the expensive leather finish to the more readily available ones, such as baby photo albums.

2. Salesman’s Catalogue

A portable digital photo album is the updated version of the old family album or the salesman’s catalogue.

3. Storage

With up to 8 gig of memory, these albums can store 40,000 photographs. Some of them can even play sound in the form of MP3s, which means you can load them with your favorite tunes as well. With their inbuilt stands, they can double as a desktop photo.

4. RAW Display

Photographers can display their RAW images directly on the photo album for their customers to view immediately. Many digital photo albums also display photographs as an on going slide show.

5. Battery Life

Another advantage of portable digital photo albums is the long 2 1/2 hour battery life.