5 Alternatives to YouTube

Over the past few years, more and more webhosting websites are now popping up, most of which are giving YouTube a run for its money. These sites provide web users with an alternative to upload and share their videos, aside from YouTube. Most of these webhosting websites provide free services and are geared toward both hobbyist and professional video makers.

Some of these websites allow their members to either earn extra revenue from their videos or upload other media-like audio tracks and photos aside from videos. Here are 5 alternatives to YouTube:

1. Revver

Revver provides complimentary service with no time limit on the length of one's video. This site is able to track videos that have been uploaded on the site. Also, Revver has a system that allows its member to make money by pairing the videos with a targeted advertisement. Any revenue that the video gets is then split between the member and the web site. Other members can also earn money on videos that they do not upload themselves, if they share and spread the video giving them 20% of the ad revenue. This webhosting site also features the Revver API that allows users to create a video-sharing site. The website they create has its own user accounts and uploading and sharing tools, as well as provides access to the Revver's complete library of videos.

2. Blip.tv

Blip.tv is a highly rated by Business 2.0 and PC World magazines, allowing users to syndicate their content to other sites like AOL Video, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo! Video, Flickr, MSN Video, Twitter, Google Video and others. This allows users to reach millions of web users, even if they are not members of the website. Users can also earn money with blip.tv by allowing them to choose their own advertisers in case their show or video becomes a hit.

3. Crackle

Owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Crackle is a streaming entertainment network that is dedicated to the development and discovery of video creators with different genres. It also supports other multi-platform syndication to IPTV, Sony devices and other major social networking websites. This website is a great stepping stone for would-be directors and video makers. Since it is run by Sony Pictures Entertainment, users have the opportunity to be picked and collaborate with Sony Pictures or other media partners.

4. Flukiest

Flukiest is a webhosting site that allows users to upload both videos and pictures. This site is an interactive community that allows users to share and manage digital media. It is suitable for aspiring photographers, designers, musicians, writers, producers, technologists and artists to advertise their work, or just share it with other web users. Flukiest also has a tagging engine capable of tagging videos and photos. Aside from uploading photos and videos, Flukiest also features a buddy list, email, blog and a separate section for music videos.

5. LiveDigital Beta

LiveDigital Beta is a community based video sharing service. It features specialized channels, where users can upload videos that are related. Aside from uploading videos, users can also upload photos and audio tracks. A social networking feature is also available, allowing members to create and design their own profile through the advanced template creator that LiveDigital Beta features.

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