4 Popular Web Television Shows and Keys to Their Success

Nowadays, more and more people are creating their own web television show. It seems that more people are becoming aware of the fact that web-based shows bring in more viewers from all over the world than a regular television show. You will find hundreds of different web television shows on the Internet, but what makes some succeed while others fail?

1. Fred

This web television show is a comedy about the life of a 6-year old kid named Fred Figglehorn. Fred is a comedy that discusses serious issues that some kids or families have including drug addiction and alcoholism. In 2009, it was the first YouTube channel that had more than 1 million viewers and was the most subscribed channel. The parody between the seriousness of the topic and the way it is presented in comedy makes this web television show a huge success.

Another reason why Fred is a roaring success is that it shows the typical life of a 6-year old, through the eyes of a 6-year old but yet presented in an adult-like manner where audiences of all ages can relate to. The comical writing helps as well in making Fred one of the most popular web television shows today.

2. The Guild

The Guild is an award winning web television series about the lives of an online guild called The Knights of Good. The show was created by an avid gamer who patterned the show to her life as a gamer. The main character, the Codex or Cyd Sherman, was also created to destroy the typical image of a gamer that lives in the basement in his parent's house. The main reason why this show is successful is because it relates to millions of gamers out there who lead normal lives in the real world, but have a different persona in the gaming world. It shows the lives of the characters as gamers and in their real lives.

3. Annoying Orange

This seemingly simple web television series is one of the most popular web TV series with over 137 million viewers in June 2010. It is also the 15th most subscribed channel of all time on the Internet. The Annoying Orange is a web show about an orange named Orange. The web series shows the orange annoying, heckling and making fun of everybody in the kitchen where most of the scenes are shot. Although this show seems to be simple and unassuming, the secret of their success lies in the storyline and the script. Orange tells it as he sees it without any thought for repercussions. He says things that most people only think about or are too afraid to say. In this way, people can relate to the character.

4. Smosh

Smosh is a comedy webisode series by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. This web series originally started with just the 2 owners posting videos on YouTube; their most popular being the Pokemon Theme Music Video which got 7 million hits in 2006. It gained more popularity over the years, until it was finally removed when it reached 25 million hits and got a notice from Shogakukan Productions about copyright issues. One of the main keys to their success is the way they reinterpret music videos through comedy without it appearing too forced or cheesy.