4 Popular Lightroom Plug-In's for a Stunning Web Gallery

Lightroom is a product by Adobe that enhances and maximizes the potential of your images in order for you to create a stunning web gallery. It optimizes the look of your photos, so that viewers will be able to see them more in detail. You can also add various effects that can further accentuate the strong points of certain images. Here are some great plug-ins for this program, in order to further improve its potential. Here are four popular Lightroom plug-ins:

1. HDR Expose

This plug-in allows you to work with the RAW images in your camera, making HDR photos. This allows you to make more enhanced photos from the source photos, depending on your style.

2. Flickr

There is now an available Flickr plug-in available for Lightroom. Exporting your images from Lightroom is now so much easier and all you have to do is authorize Flickr to be able to sync with Lightroom. Creating and organizing your web gallery is now a lot more simple and fun.

3. Silver Effects Pro

With this plug-in, you can make great black and white images and expand your options. It is not a simple plug-in that converts your photos to black and white. It gives you a lot of options on how to further enhance the monotone effect of the images.

4. Exposure 3

Get that film effect with Exposure 3, giving you a glimpse of how photos were taken decades ago. With this plug-in, you have hundreds of presets to choose from to make your web gallery more interesting.