4 Popular Ebay Image Hosting Services

When auctioning items on eBay, image hosting is important. Images help potential buyers know what the item being advertised looks like. For older items or those with some form of damage, images reveal how bad the flaws are. The website eBay only offers members one free picture with hosting service with additional photos costing more. To save on cash, members have resorted to other websites. Here are four of the most popular.

1. Image Shack

One of the reasons for its popularity is that the service is completely free and simple to use. Members only need to upload the photos on the website’s service and copy the HTML link being generated. There is no limitation on how many photographs are allowed, and they remain as long as the user wants them to.  

2. Photobucket

The website offers free members 25 MB for free with upgrading options starting at $25 a year or slightly more than $2 a month. Account holders like the quality of pictures. There is also a tutorial on how to upload photos to eBay.

3. VillagePhotos

This is considered another popular hosting site for its simple interface and good quality of photos. The website gives 10 MB of bandwidth given each day for free members. Upgrades are offered starting at $3.75 a month.

4. Ink Frog

The service can be tested for a period of two weeks for free with the lowest hosting plans starting at less than $5 a month. For this price, members can store 400 photos and another 500 for an additional $5 a month.