4 Benefits of a Free Online Photo Gallery vs. Paid

A free online photo gallery can easily be found on the Internet and there are a lot of sites to choose from. But, there are still some sites that require you to pay for their services. Other than being free, online photo galleries have advantages over paid ones.

1. Simpler Sign up Process

Signing up for free online photo gallery is much simpler than when signing up for a paid one. Most free sites often just require your email address, a username and a password. Most paid sites make you go through the hassle of filling out numerous information fields to clearly define your user profile.

2. Avoid Credit Card Fraud

When you pay for image hosting sites, you usually give your credit card information online. This can potentially be dangerous; a hacker could gain access to your credit card and attempt to destroy your credit.

3. Bigger Community

Since free image hosting sites do not require payment, it is natural that more users will be drawn to the community. This therefore gives you more chances to display and share your photos with other people and allows you to interact and see other’s photos.

4. Support

Since these free online image-hosting sites have quite a number of users in their communities, support for these sites will be quite extensive. A lot of people will be able to give input and feedback regarding the problems and glitches they encounter on a specific free online photo gallery.