4 Advanced Flickr Search Tips

Finding the perfect photos on Flickr is much faster when you master expert search tips and the Advanced Search feature. Save time, get better matches and widen your content choices. Flickr has powerful search options that let you to focus your search on anything from the most interesting photos to public domain collections from libraries around the world.  

1 - Use the Explore Function

Scroll to the bottom of your homepage and click the Explore link to use special features in Flickr's basic search. Here you can discover content that has received high ratings from Flickr and its users. This option lets you find the best photos from the most recent week or one year ago, sets of photos and videos.

Look for photos by searching with Flickr's tag clouds, the larger the text, the more popular the tag. So, you will have more possibilities that meet your needs. The geo-tagged photo search feature lets you get photos by country or world region. This search option also has a special search by camera and film type.

2 - Find Copyright Free Photos

Find copyright and royalty-free photos from government, noncommercial and public domain repositories in The Commons search in the Flickr Explore row at the bottom of your homepage. With images from foreign libraries and private collections, The Commons at Flickr covers every imaginable topic and historical period since the dawn of photography. You can find photos by using tags or by typing keywords.

Some photos date back to as early as 1893. Photos archives from the Library of Congress include images that detail the history of America--the Depression, World War I and II, the 60s and significant moments in African-American and immigrant history. This collection also includes major sports, political and entertainment luminaries that you are not likely to find anywhere else.

    3 - Try the Creative Commons

    Restrict your searches to the Creative Commons files from users who have agreed to allow their contributions to be downloaded, modified and reproduced. The Creative Commons has several licenses that make completing school projects, personal websites or commercial endeavors quite easy. Flickr's contributors to this section merely require that you give them credit for their photos and videos, in exchange for permission to use their works freely.

    4 - Advanced Search Options

    Open the Advanced Search panel to access a variety of options that expand or narrow your search. However, you can access these search features by typing a keyword or tag into the basic search box on any Flickr page. Once Flickr displays your results, you will see the option to use Advanced Search. Select this link to drill down through the millions of files at Flickr.

    Expand your results to include artwork, line drawings, animations and videos. Search by tags, date, content type or usage license from one convenient window. To expand your results, you can search the full text of photo descriptions and content. Restrict your results by typing keywords and tags into a box that allows you to exclude tags and keywords. Other useful Advanced Search options include searching only your own photos, your favorites, friends and family or the entire Flickr collection.

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