3 Ways to Use Adobe Products with Facebook

Adobe Products can be used to help Facebook members be creative, expand their visual presence and have lots of fun in the process. Facebook has become an immense social connector helping millions of people communicate with their current friends, make new friends, and reconnect with some old ones. Facebook members want to express their ideas through words, pictures and graphics making their page inviting for everyone who comes to visit. Products like Photoshop, Flash and Premiere can become powerful, fun tools for members needing more spice on their individual page.

Photoshop: Photos, Text and Graphics

Adobe's Photoshop is probably the most widely used graphic design application on the planet. It can not only be used to edit, enhance and manipulate photos, but also create exciting graphics, logos and art. Since the Photo gallery is one of the Facebook member's most revolving areas, one can use Photoshop to edit their own photos with color, effects and text to make them unique and interesting. Facebook members can edit photographs of famous celebrities or add their faces to historic scenes which will give a lasting and humorous impression of their personality. After gaining some experience, Photoshop can be a fun, creative tool. When mastered, this application will expose the user to a world of endless possibilities.

Flash: Motion Graphics, Video and Audio

Flash has become the leader of website animation and video. It has established itself as a standard and forever changed the visual texture of the internet. It is perfect for combining graphics, video and audio to produce numerous forms of media. Facebook users could create a simple motion graphic in Flash by mixing music, pictures and video clips to add some spark to their video page. People also use Facebook to promote small businesses and independent music careers. They can use Flash to create promotional graphics, exciting logos, visual presentations or music videos to give their page an extra push in the right direction.

Premiere: Video, Audio and much more

There are many video applications in the world but only one used as frequently as Premiere, Adobe's non-linear video editing application. Its true power is contained within its ability to combine multiple elements, like those produced by Photoshop and Flash, to bring your ideas to an exciting new level. A Facebook user may have video clips from a recent vacation or event stored on their laptop hard drive waiting to be posted on their page. These clips could be imported into Premiere, pulled into the video timeline and edited down to more manageable lengths. In addition, after each clip has been edited, other clips may be added to build a full video program. You could then incorporate some of the photos, graphics and animation you've created with Photoshop and Flash to add some extra flare. Finishing up the video with the addition of some music and custom audio commentary, will have produced a unique form of expression for your page.


Using Adobe products, individually or together, can help enhance your Facebook presence and give you that unique edge you deserve.

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