3 Tips for Making a Great Photography Blog

Making a great photography blog is a wonderful way to gain exposure for your photos and to express yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur photographer, professional photographer or like to snap pictures as a hobby, photo blogging can make you stand out and look like a pro.

1. Choose a Photo Theme

You need to design the blog or choose a theme which is photo centric. This will ensure that the pictures portrayed in the blog get highligted. These designs or themes will enhance the pictures.

2. Use a Platform

You will need to have a platform to use to display your work. There are many different web hosts to choose from; some are free and some will charge for use of their site. Some will charge depending on the number of photos per entry or will allow only one photo per entry. One of the most recommended platforms to use is WordPress. Already known for its blogging software, WordPress also offers many possibilities for the photo blogger to use.

3. Keep It Interesting

Photo blogs can be like newspaper ads or mailers. They can help raise awareness of y our brand, assist you with your marketing effort, or show a potential customer what you have for sale. If you are using it for this, try to keep it interesting so that you do not leave readers or viewers feeling like you are only interested in making money.