3 Steps to Get Free Pictures Online with FreeFoto

Everyone loves free pictures online, and they can be found in many places on the Internet. Some of those places are Web Shots, FreeFoto and Freeze.com. Most of these websites will allow you to get pictures from them for free. You can also become a member for a small fee to take advantage of the extra benefits. In order to get photos free, there are a few things you will need to do.

1. Choose Your Picture

You must choose a picture you want to download from the site. Once you do that, you will need to let the picture come up on the screen.

2. Save Your Picture

Once the picture appears, right click on the picture, then select save picture as (or image, depending on your internet browser). Then, select the file you want to place your picture in.

3. Edit Your Picture

If you chose to edit your picture, you can resize it or crop it to fit your needs.

Free pictures can always be a lot of fun to download and save. Whether you use them in a leaflet or for you own personal use, downloading pictures will give you the opportunity to make a nice photo album or desktop wallpaper for your computer.