3 Popular Internet Photo Storage Websites

The top 3 Internet photo storage sites allow you to do far more than just share with your photos with family and friends. These websites provide you with the peace of mind to know that you will have access to your precious memories even if your computer crashes or you upgrade to a newer model of computer.

1. Photobucket

With Photobucket, you are able to create your own slide shows, as well as host your own videos. This is a number one favorite site with the majority of people utilizing Internet photo storages. Although it has only been around since 2003, it has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds as a method of sharing photos without having to email them numerous times to family and friends. It features the fastest uploading time and keeps your memories safe from accidental deletion. Photobucket has currently been named as number 1 on Leads411’s list for its area. Photobucket does have limitations, including a reduced amount of free storage space for your utilization, however, unlimited storage can be purchased.

2. Smugmug

At Smugmug, you also find a photo album feature, however, the website attempts to entice you to enter your photos into contests. The contests are fun, even if you don’t enter; viewing the contest entries is great. It has a customization forum where you can learn a great deal about how to customize both your current and future photographic attempts. One of the best features of Smugmug is the availability of unlimited Internet photo storage.

3. Flicker

The website has long been a favorite and deserves its place in the top 3 Internet photo storages sites. This may be due to the great deal of advertising done by this site. If you look at photos online, one of the major sources is Flicker.