3 Popular Image Hosting Websites

If looking for image hosting websites where you can upload your pictures and share them with your friends and family, you will not be disappointed. There are numerous sites available online, offering you more or less features and flexibility. Most of them offer both free and paid services, depending on what you want to use them for. In any case, if you simply want to upload and share images, you can use the free services. Here is a list of the most popular image hosting websites.

1. FlickR

FlickR is by far the most popular image hosting website, and it features the largest and best online community. You can also upload and share videos. It has billions of picture and images online uploaded by users, who can choose whether they want their albums shown in public or privately to certain friends.

2. Fotolog

Fotolog is a very popular image hosting site, one of the first that even appeared online. Users are allowed to upload one image per day, but if you have a paid subscription, you can upload up to six pictures per day.

3. Photobucket

Photobucket is an image and video hosting website that is free to use and allows you to upload as many images as you want per day. The only limitation at Photobucket is the size of the video; it can be online up to 300MB.