3 Popular Digital Photo Album Maker Websites

Digital photo album maker online is something that more and more people are taking advantage of. It prevents those tearful moments when the computer crashes, wiping out all of your photographs. Below are the three most popular websites where you can make your own photo album.

  1. Smugmug: Smugmug isn’t as well-known as the other two yet, but it is an excellent site offering you an area that is free of advertisements. The way this site makes its money is offering you services that you can accept or reject as you wish. There is unlimited storage offered here by this father and son business.
  2. Photobucket: Photobucket is another website that has gained in popularity recently. This website also enables you to share your videos. You are able to make your own slide shows on here, in addition to many other features.
  3. Flicker: One of the most well-known amongst these online photo albums and photo sharing websites must be Flicker. With this program, you can do things like make them smaller, change the color tones and generally fix them up. You can organize them into your own picture galleries and give them names. It is also possible to make them private viewing only, so you don’t suddenly find that the world is seeing your private photos.