3 Popular Devices for Portable Photo Storage

Shooting pictures with your digital camera while traveling might be tricky if you don’t have a device for portable photo storage that will allow you to store your images and empty your memory card so that you can shoot more pictures. These devices are extremely practical if you are on a long trip or if you need to shoot many pictures (and you might fill your cards up too fast). Here are some popular devices you can use for portable photo storage during your trips, or even at home.

1. Epson Multimedia Storage Driver

Epson is one of the most known manufacturers of media drives, and it has created the P series that comes with 4 inche LCD screens for photo viewing. They also feature a built-in software program that helps you print your pictures directly from the drive. You can store both JPEG and RAW images there.

2. Digital Foci Photo Manager

The Digital photo manager can be found in two different versions, with 250MB of memory and 500Mb. They feature RCA cables so that you can connect them to the TV or projector; they also come with a headset to listen to the music you store. You can store images of all known formats and video in MPEG format.

3. Memory Kick Media Center

These devices can be also found in two different sizes: 250MB and 500MB. They have fast transfer time and offer you the chance to empty and backup your cards and images within minutes; 1GB takes almost two minutes to be copied.