3 Ideas for a Live Streaming Web Show

A web show is the fastest and easiest way people can reach a large number of audiences without the huge amounts of equipment and crew needed. Nowadays, having your own live streaming web show is not as uncommon as it was 10 years ago. However, having a unique web show can be quite stressful. Below are some ideas that might help you out.

1. Child's Game

Make your web show about games you use to play as kid, but have adults playing them. You can create a theme for each episode so it does not become too redundant. However, if thinking about a theme each episode is too much, stick to a few good games and have different contestants each day. At the end of each week, you can have a weekly championship game and whoever wins the weekly finals will automatically be included in the grand finals.

You can have games like cops and robbers, pin the tail on the donkey and dodge ball, to name a few. Make it more fun by using bigger and crazier props. Use a real donkey, a huge ball or even a real handcuff.

2. Film Critics' Awards

You can do your very own film choice awards or film critics award. All you need to do is watch anything from the star-studded Hollywood movie to a B-rated one, and give your viewers your honest opinion about it. You can also interview random strangers on what they think about a certain film. It might be a little bit more interesting if you show your viewers every step from waiting in line for a movie, inside the cinema and after. You can even conduct your interviews right after the move.

At the end of each week or month, pick your favorite. Also, allow your viewers to vote on their favorite, as well as which film they think is the worst. Give them the opportunity to give their own opinions. Hold your own Oscar Night a few days before the event, and make your own predictions on who will be the winners.

3. Travel Show

If you love to travel, then a travel web show is a good option for you. However, instead of going to places you like, why not involve your audience by asking them for their recommendations on places to visit. Ask if any of them have been to a certain location and if they can make recommendations on where to eat, sleep or party. Let them know if the places they recommended are well-worth visiting or if any changes have been made. People love nothing more than to see other places where they have never been to or do things they have always longed to do.