3 Flickr Organizational Tips

Using online photo sharing services like Flickr can be a useful tool. Using a few of these tips when your working on uploading files can save you a few headaches later on. Think of your filing cabinet; everything has a folder for something, one drawer might have bills and stubs and another might have your warranties.

Tip Number 1: Put Photos in Chronological Order

Try putting your photos into chronological order. If something happened during a special time you can go back and search for that day. Maybe it was an anniversary or the birth of your child or grandchild, with a few key strokes you can bring up that special moment.

Tip Number 2: Organize By Theme

Organizing by theme is another way to organize. If you like to take a lot of nature photos or find yourself just walking around with your camera anytime you walk out the door, this might be something you would consider. A lot of professionals might even use this in case they want to give a sampling of the types of pictures they have captured.

Tip Number 3: Label the Files

If your file name describes the picture, it will help to keep you organized. This also helps combined with tip number 1, to help put them in chronological order, as any dates you include in your file name will also order them accordingly. Want to see how little Johnny or Susie aged from when he or she was born up until high school; this would save you a lot of time later.

With just a moment of planning and forethought, even the most daunting task can be tackled. These tips can be tried individually, or you can try mixing them up. Use them in a way that is successful for you, or build a formula of your own.

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