3 Flickr Competitors that Allow Photo Sales

Flickr is almost certainly the most popular photo sharing site on the Internet, however, this does not allow any photo sales without a bit of hard work. There are, however, a number of similar sites which make it easy to sell photos online. Anyone who has a passion for photography will be able to make money by selling their photographs online. Succeeding as a professional photographer is very difficult. The Internet is a valuable tool which can be used to promote your photos and improve your chances of selling them.

Although this article is about alternatives to Flickr which can be used to sell photos online, it is actually possible to use Flickr. Flickr does not support any form of shopping cart functionality, however, it can be used to display all of your photos. Many Flickr users have been approached by people wanting to purchase the rights to use their photographs.

Another option is to include a link to a stock photo website which has your portfolio. Flickr is a very useful site because it receives so many visits every day. If you display your photos on Flickr, then it should be easy to get people interested in your portfolio.

1. ShutterFly.com

ShutterFly is a similar site to Flickr, which can be used to sell your photos online. This is a very easy service to use where you can upload as many photos as you want. Once you have registered for an account, you can then select the different photos that you want to upload. Select a number of different resolutions of images and then set your prices.

People searching through the site will be able to enter keywords to try and track down photos like yours. If they decide to purchase, then you will get a share of the revenue.

2. iStockPhoto.com

iStockPhoto.com is one of the most popular stock photo websites on the Internet. This is one of the easiest ways of selling your photos online. Register for an account by entering your email address and coming up with a password. Once you are logged in, the photos can be uploaded by following a few simple instructions.

3. GettyImages

GettyImages is another major photo sharing website. This can be used to sell photos that you have already uploaded on Flickr by linking them together. This is a great way to get your images more exposure and put them up for sale too. The images will be available for purchase as soon as they have been uploaded.

Stock photo websites work in a similar way to Flickr and make selling your photos to a large audience very easy. You can then choose whether you want to sell the whole rights to use the photo or you can licence the photos for use on certain sites. With the photos uploaded, you will then be able to grow your collection over time. This can be a wonderful way of earning a regular income.