3 Features to Consider for Photo Storage Software

Most photographers end up taking hundreds of photos and therefore need good photo storage software to keep track of all of them. Here are some features to look for when getting this type of software.

1. Searchable Database Options

A photo storage system is pretty worthless if you put all of your files into it and then can’t find the photo you need. Therefore, it is vital that any photo storage software program you choose has the option to find a single file and organize it in a way that makes it easy to find.

2. Basic Photo Editing Options

Even if you have another photo editing software program, your photo storage software should also have some basic editing capabilities. This way you can do simple things like rotate an image (so all of the photos in the files are pointing the same way), crop out unwanted or bad photos, and have the ability to print your photos.

3. Ability to Share Photos Online

Nowadays, websites like Facebook have made it so everyone wants to share their photos with the world. In order to do this, you need a program that can put the photos into an optimal state that shows them off the best. Therefore, it is important to choose a photo storage software program that lets you upload images to the web in a format that is best suited for that purpose.