3 Easy Steps for Using Poladroid

Poladroid is a free, downloadable program that helps you upload, edit and create Polaroid (registered trademark) type photographs. These photographs can be saved to your computer or used in your online photo sharing program such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Bebo, Windows Live and Picasa, among others. Using the Polaroid program online is fun and easy to do and only requires that you have access to a computer and the ability to upload photos and images into the program.

The process for using Poladroid in order to create your Polaroid-like images is outlined in the steps described below. There is no cost for downloading or using Poladroid, but it is suggested that you make a donation on behalf of the developer.

1. Download Poladorid to Your Computer

In order to use Poladroid, you need to download the required software from their website onto your computer. The latest release dates for Poladroid is January 6, 2009 and it is available for use by both Mac OS users and PC Windows based systems. Mac users should have the operating system version 10.4 or later in order to use Poladroid. Windows users will need XP, Vista or Windows 7 in order to download Poladroid.

Select the mirror site that matches your computer's operating system in order to download Poladroid. Once selected, the file will download automatically to your computer. Locate the file, click on the installer, and the computer will set the program up on your local hard drive.

The program is in its Beta format, which means that there may be some bugs that have yet to be worked out of the program. You should be aware of their presence as you are using the software and report any problems that you experience while using Poladroid.

2. Open the Program

Once you download the program, click on the icon to open the Polaroid program. You will be given a prompt to drag and drop a photo into the software in order to create the Polaroid look (white frame around the image). The program icon, once opened, can be dragged to any position on your desktop.

3. Create a Poladroid Image

Select a photo that you want to "Poladroid" and drop it inside the camera. If you have the sound on your computer, you will hear the sound of an actual Polaroid camera, indicating that the picture is being processed. A white frame image will appear on screen after the processing and you will begin to see the photo develop before your eyes. You can grab the image and shake it vigorously like an actual Polaroid print in order to develop it (be aware, however, that like in real life, the image does not develop any faster when you shake it). In several minutes (based on the speed of your computer's internal processor), you will have a new Poladroid picture that can be saved in your computer or uploaded onto your photo sharing site.

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