2 Security Features to Have with an Online File Storage Service

When using an online file storage service to help back up your files, you want to make sure they are contained in the safest place possible. You don’t want your files to get lost in the online traffic. Security features are very important when it comes to protecting your files. Here are a couple of things you will want to look at as far as security features.

1. Encryption

Most online services will encrypt your files so that no one else will be able to access them. The employees won’t even be able to access any files you put into storage. Your files will be encrypted once on your computer and then again once they get into the storage facility. If you allow file sharing, only you and your family will be able to access your files.

2. Passwords

Password protection is very important. Once you have decided on your password, it is yours to remember. If you should forget your password, there will be no retrieving it; not even the employees can retrieve it for you.

Online companies that offer storage take great care in protecting your files with such security measures in place. You can rest easy and not worry about your files being misplaced or hacked into. Protection is keeping your files safe from harm.