2 Benefits of Archival Grade Photo Storage

If you are a serious photographer who wants your photos to last a lifetime, then you should be aware of archival photo storage options to protect your images. Images can become degraded if not properly stored, so this type of storage is vital for anyone wishing to keep their photos safe. Here are some benefits of archival photo storage.

1. Photo Archival Storage Bags

Photo archival storage bags are an example of long-term storage methods for photos. They are a low cost choice and can be reused to save money. These bags are usually made with an archival grade of polypropylene that is at least 2 millimeters thick. These bags are also re-sealable and protect photos from dust, dirt, fingerprints and acid that is in skin. They are clear so you can view the photos without opening the bag, which also helps to preserve its contents.

2. Drop Front Storage Boxes

Another archival storage option is a drop front box. This method has its advantages because it is stronger than plastic storage bags and has an acid-free board to help keep out and destroy airborne particles that could pollute your images. These boxes are museum quality and can hold larger photos, as they have a full 3 inches of space in them. So, the benefit of these is that they offer more space, sturdier protection and acid-free protection.