How to Get Your First Wedding Photography Job

Photography is a hobby which many people really enjoy, that's why many consider making money by starting a wedding photography business. Starting out in wedding photography can be very difficult if you don't have any experience.

Step 1 - Getting Some Experience

It can be difficult to land your first wedding photography job because you don't have any experience. Without experience it is difficult to do anything. The best way to get some extra experience is by contacting local photographers and asking if you can sit in on some of their wedding photo shoots. You will be surprised to find out just how many photographers will be happy to give you a shot.

Take your own camera with you and take some shots. These can then be used to build up your portfolio. Also offer to take photos for free for your friends and anyone else you know. By doing the photos for free you won't be the main photographer and this means that there's no pressure of getting everything right.

When taking photographs you need to spend time experimenting with different techniques. Take photos of a wide range of different subjects to prove that you're versatile.

Step 2 - Making Your Portfolio

Now you need to make your own portfolio by using the photos you've already taken. You can print these photos out and bind them into a portfolio to show to prospective clients. The portfolio can be made up using the free images that you have taken at other peoples weddings.

Make sure that your portfolio looks professional as this will be shown to customers. Print all of your photos out, get them laminated, and use a comb binder to create a professional bound portfolio.

Step 3 - Making a Website

A website is a very important tool to be used to get customers. Building a website will help you to arrange your photos and promote your services. If you can't build your own website then you should hire a company to design one for you. It's possible to convert your portfolio into your website. Make sure that your website also has your contact details so that people can get in touch if they are interested in hiring you.

Step 4 - Landing Your First Job

Landing your first job will take more than just your experience, it will also require a fair amount of luck too. You might not be able to get the first job that you apply for but you shouldn't get disheartened. Instead you need to carry on applying for lots of different jobs.

Even an experienced photographer won't be able to land every job they apply for. You need to apply for lots of different jobs just to get some experience. Until you get some experience you may need to work at slightly cheaper prices just to land some custom.

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