How to Get Clear Focus in Wedding Photography

Taking up wedding photography is a fantastic way to make some extra money. There are however some very important skills for you to master if you want to improve your wedding photography skills. It's important to be able to focus clearly on your subjects so that you can create attractive photos.

Wedding photographs need to be very special so that the happy couple will look at them and remember their special day with fond memories. That's why it's important to make sure that you are taking photos which are in tight focus.

Step 1 - Composing the Shot

Any good wedding photographer knows that it's very important to carefully compose the shot. When taking shots of the whole congregation make sure that they are all in view and that you're not cutting anyone's head off. Take your time to compose the shot so that the moment you take a photo you're taking the right thing.

Step 2 - Focusing

Now you need to focus your camera so that it will take photographs in focus. Focusing is very easy on modern cameras as they feature auto focus functions. Auto-focus makes it possible to simply point and shoot. Auto focus is a great invention if you are taking amateur photographs, however if you are taking professional wedding photographs then it's important to make sure that the focus is the best it possibly can be.

The problem with autofocus is that it's computer controlled. The computer in your camera doesn't know exactly what you are taking a photo of, this means that it can sometimes get the focusing wrong leading to an out of focus image. The autofocusing functions also take time to complete, these will take even longer if used at night.

If you do decide to use autofocus for wedding photography then you must ensure your camera is focusing on the right subject. When you look through the viewfinder of an SLR camera you should see a series of dots on the screen, whichever one lights up is the section of your picture that the camera is focusing on.

Step 3 - Manual Focusing

Autofocusing does sound like the easy option however you should consider turning it off and using the manual focusing features of your camera. Most cameras feature manual features. A digital SLR camera has a lot of manual controls which can be used to focus and fine tune the image to make sure that everything is completely in focus.

Step 4 - Focus Lock

Focus lock can be used if you are interested in taking wedding photographs but your camera does not support manual focus functions. Aim the camera at something you want to be in focus, press the button down half way, and then move the camera over to the desired framing before taking the shot.

Step 5 - Taking Photos

Once you are happy with the composition and the focus of the photo you should press the shutter down completely to take the picture. It's a good idea to take a number of photos just in case anyone is blinking, looks away, or sneezes during exposure.

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