What Are Foot-Candles?

When filming videos, it is important that you measure the foot-candles. Foot candles are measures of brightness, and this makes it really easy to check that the right settings are used by your camcorder. By setting the correct exposure and aperture settings on your video, camera it will be very easy to film great videos regardless of the light conditions you are shooting in.

What Are Foot Candles?

A foot candle is a unit of measure for the brightness of light. This simply means the amount of light which hits one square foot. One foot candle equals 1 lux per square foot. This is a non SI unit which is derived from LUX.


The unit is easy to convert to a number of different units to make it easier to understand. One foot candle equals 10.74 lux. This means that if you want to convert your foot candle measurements to lux, you simply multiply them by 10.74. To make it easier, most filmmakers estimate this to around 10. This means that you can easily make the calculations in your head without calculators.


Even with professional light meters, it's difficult to measure the light accurately. You will need to put up with an error of around 3 - 10% depending on the meter. This is why it's acceptable to use 10 lux per foot candle as an estimation.