Using Twixtor in Time-Travel Science Fiction Movies

Twixtor is an interesting plugin which can be used to change the frame rate. This makes it possible to speed up or slow down the frame rate of your film with ease. The plugin is available for a number of different video editing applications including Final Cut Pro and Pinnacle Studio.

When installing Twixtor, you should search for the correct version for your application. This will ensure that the plug-in will be able to be installed correctly and used with the video editing application that you are using. Twixtor has a number of uses, which makes it possible to use it to create wonderful Time Travel movies. Twixtor is very simple to use, although you will find it even easier if you follow these few simple instructions.

Step 1: Capture Your Video

The first thing that you should do is capture your video using your video camera. Capture the video using the best settings on your camera and the highest frame rate. It will then be possible to adjust this when you use the software. By adjusting the framerate on the computer, you have much more freedom and flexibility.

Step 2: Download the Video

When the video is recorded on your camera, you should then download it to your computer. To do this, connect the camera to your computer using USB or firewire. You can then download the video and save it on your computer.

Step 3: Edit

Before you start using Twixtor, you should first watch through the entire film and decide if you need to do any editing. Editing can be used to remove anything that you aren't completely happy with. It should also be possible to touch up the video so that you can make it look more professional.

Step 4: Speed Up

Twixtor is used to change the frame rate in your video. This means that it can be used to speed up or slow down the video depending on the effect you want to create. This is very useful when working with science fiction movies because it can make complicated things look much more interesting.

Sometimes traveling through time can look much better by speeding the whole thing up. Click on the timeline to select the point where you want the video to start being sped up. To speed the movie up, you simply need to open the effects viewer by clicking on the tab. Then you can set the output to Twixtorized. With the output set correctly, everything can be left as their default settings except for speed.

The speed is recorded in percentages. Entering a speed of 200, for example, will double the speed of the video.

Step 5: Return to Normal Speed

Then, click on the time line in the position where you want the video to return to normal speed. Open the effects viewer again and enter the speed as 100%. This will start the video playing at full speed.

Step 6: Slow Down

Twixtor can also be used to slow down your frame rate. To do this, enter the speed as anything under 100%. You can then return the frame rate to normal speed by repeating step 5.