Using Twixtor For Instant Sport Replays

Twixtor is a useful plugin which can be used with Adobe After effects and many other popular video editing packages. This plugin is used to change the timing and create various effects. One of the most common effects is using the slow motion settings to create instant replays for sports. To do this, you would normally need a high speed camera. These are very expensive and unavailable for many people. Another option is using Twixtor, which can create similar results at a fraction of the cost.

By adding these instant replay effects to your video, you will be able to make certain aspects of it much more noticeable. You can also use these effects to make your video look more professional and attractive. Twixtor actually makes it very simple to slow down the video to make it easier to watch.

Step 1: Loading After Effects

The first thing that you should do is open whatever video editing software you are using. Twixtor is a plugin which can be used in a wide range of different applications. Choose the right version of Twixtor, which can be incorporated with your software package. With the software loaded, make sure that the Twixtor plugin is installed correctly. If not, follow the instructions to install this properly.

Step 2: Loading Your Video

The next thing you need to do is open your video in After Effects or any other application that you are using. Cut out the section of the video that you want to slow down and be used as your instant replay. If any editing of the sequence is required, then you should take the opportunity to do this now.

Step 3: Adding Layers

In your video editing application, add a new solid layer above your video content. The color of this layer is not important because it will not be visible in your finished video. This should then be assigned to the Twixtor plugin.

Step 4: Settings

Now you need to enter the correct setting in the Twixtor application so that you can slow the video down. This is actually very easy and shouldn't take long to understand. The best way to learn how to use this application is to play around with it and find out exactly what does what.

Set the Display to Twixtored Output so that you can see the edited results when playing back. The Color Source should be set to the source that you want to slow down.

The Input Frame Rate is the original frame rate of the footage that you are importing; this is normally entered automatically, although this won't always be correct. The Time Remap Mode can then be used to adjust the speed to decide how much you want to slow the video down by. Smart Blend can also be used to blend the frames together to create a smoother result.

Step 5: Preview

Once you have finished applying the effects, you should then hit the preview button to take a look at the plugins results. The results are normally fine the first time round, however, you might need to do some editing occasionally.