Using the Roto Screen Correction in Ultimatte Advantedge

Ultimatte Advantedge offers highly effective and refined tools packaged in a simple user interface so that it can be used by artists, photographers and directors. Ultimatte AdvantEdge is a powerful and highly advanced plug-in when used with the different host applications and can produce flawless composite images while retaining all the finer details of the images like reflections, smoke and blurred edges. This is possible with several unique features that are available in AdvantEdge like the Screen correction technology. Below are steps on how you can use the Roto Screen correction technology to your advantage.

Step 1: Installing the Software

The first step is to install Ultimatte AdvantEdge in order to be able to use its features. Installation is simple. All you need to do is select the set-up file and run the installation program. Do not forget to connect the USB security key to the USB port while running the set-up as the plug-in is protected by this key.

Step 2: Using Advantedge with the Host Application

Once you have completed the installation select the host application in which you want to use the plug-in. Ultimatte Advantedge is compatible with several compositing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe after Effects, Apple Shake, Auto Desk and Combustion. Once you have launched the host application, select the Advantedge plug-in and enable it for further use.

Step 3: Creating a New Project

Create a new project that you want to work on and select the image. You can change the layout of the display area once the image is displayed. Select the type of view you want and you can toggle between 2 images with the single panel view and the double panel view. Select the screen option from the popup menu and select “Sample Backing Eye Dropper." Select the backing color that you require and an area on your image that includes your subject and run it through the filter.

Step 4: Using Roto Screen Correction

Once the composite is displayed, if you require further adjustments such as some additional work on a poorly lit shot or a shot with several discrepancies, select the “Roto Screen Correction” feature from the “Matte Correction” mode. This provides you with a Clean Plate, which is an exact copy of the blue or green screen element used as the background. Put the clean plate into AdvantEdge and allow it to generate a synthetic plate. This synthetic plate will cause a reduction of video noise or film grains. Once this process is completed, switch back to the Overlay view and repeat the process if you need to. This step has to be repeated until the overlay covers the screen area only and not the principle subject.

Step 5: Save and View Your Project

You can now view the final corrected composite image which is free from all discrepancies in the backing area. Continue with any other modifications that you may require like shadows or colors and save the project. You will now have your final composited image which is free from anomalies.