Using the Quick DVD Function for Showbiz DVD

The Quick DVD function on ShowBiz DVD enables you to burn a video file onto a DVD disc without any complications. This function is normally used by users who would like to view the video using a DVD player. This article will provide you with the necessary steps of how you can use the feature to your advantage. The feature enables you to be able to select various backgrounds for the DVD menu as well as have a customized title for the DVD. The following are the key steps that will help you achieve this:

Step 1: Open Your Editing Software

The first step that needs to be done in order for this feature to be used is to launch the software. The software should already be installed in the computer system. This can be done by going to the programs list and clicking on the software icon. The options that first appear when the software is launched are file, edit, view, options, play, extras and help respectively. After this, there is the capture, edit and create tabs. Each tab name describes its own functionality. To use the Quick DVD function, click on the create tab.

Step 2: Viewing Your Video as a Virtual Remote

Once you click on the create tab, you will be able to see other tabs below the capture, edit and create tabs. The tabs are namely, media, themes, customize text, set chapters and write disc respectively. You will then click on the write disc tab. After the tab is clicked, you will have the chance to view your movie using a virtual remote control. The design is similar to that of the normal DVD player remote control. The purpose of using this remote control is to be able to go through the different menus that are in the movie and also playback the movie.

Step 3: Click on Start

The next step is to click on the red start button that is on the interface. A prompt should appear immediately and will request you to save your project. There are various specifications that need to be done before you start writing the video file onto the DVD disc. The specifications include the playback format, the location of where you will save the movie, the movie title and the speed with which you want the files to be written. After this is done, click on OK.

Step 4: Save Your Video

It is imperative that before you click on OK, you need to be aware of the various files types that need to be used. They include NTSC and PAL. If you are in the US, then select NTSC, if you are in Europe, select PAL. This is to ensure that the video will be playable with the system that you are using. Once you have done this and also filled the other specifications accordingly, click on OK. The video will be written into DVD format and burned to the DVD disc or the hard drive.