Using the Pan/Zoom Effect in DVD Slideshow Builder

The pan and zoom effects enable you to have a closer view of a particular item that's in a video clip when you work with the DVD Slideshow Builder software. This enhances more concentration of the viewer and shows creativity and detail on the part of the video editor. These effects are normally applied when the person who took the video clip did not zoom with the camera. These effects are normally applicable when building slideshows.

Step 1: Create Slideshow

The slideshow should be created from the media tab. Once you click on the create tab, you will be able to see other tabs below the capture, edit and create tabs. The tabs are namely, media, themes, customize text, set chapters and write disc respectively. When you click on the media tab, you will be able to see the slide show option. You are then required to select an album or folder that has the photos that you want to be in the slideshow. It is important to know their locations before you start creating the slideshow so that you save on time. A shortcut for adding the photos is done by holding the CTRL key on the keyboard and clicking the photos that you want to add once. After you have selected the photos that you want, click on add.

Step 2: Arranging the Slideshow

The slideshow needs to be arranged in a proper manner that will create a storyline or a certain sequences of events. Arranging these photos should be done by clicking and dragging the photos and putting them in the order that is most suitable to you. If a photo is placed badly and needs to be rotated, then you need to highlight the photo and click on rotate so that it can be in the desired angle. Once this is done, click on next.

Step 3: Audio Files and Transitions

If you have the intention of including a soundtrack in the slideshow, click on "Select Files" and then select the audio files that you would like to add. You also have the ability to set the time that each slideshow will have. This can be done in the Pacing section. You are also able to put transitions and effects.

Step 4: Pan and Zoom

This is a good and creative effect that can be added on to the storyboard while editing. It is also usable in slide shows as mentioned above. Pan and Zoom enables you to be able to apply your zooming effects on each photo. This happens when one sets two different windows namely, Zoom From and Zoom To. When you display the slide, you will realize that there is a shift in focus from the Zoom From to the Zoom To window. This effect can be created for each photo that is available in the slide. The effect normally starts by showing the figure that is zoomed upon as it zooms out to show the whole picture. Once this is done to your satisfaction, click on finish and the software will compile it.