Using Slow Motion in Romance Movies

Slow motion is a type of effect that can be used in many different styles of movies. Ultimately, the footage is recorded at the same speed, but then in post production is played at a much slower speed. Normally slow motion is used to show a key moment in the story or when a natural phenomena occurs. In romantic movies, it is used strictly for heightening the emotions or producing a comedic moment.

Step 1: Over Cranking

Slow motion can be created in 2 different ways. When the director knows where the slow motion is going to be used in the first place, then over cranking can be used. This refers to changing the projection speed. For slow motion, this uses 10 frames per second. Normal film is shot at 24 frames per second. Ultimately, the frames per minute will depend on the director and photographer. 

Step 2: Stretch Time

Slow motion can also be used in post production. This is referred to as digital slow motion and time stretching. New frames are inserted in between the regular frames. These new frames are not real, but they are normally created by interpolating the different frames. A short dissolve can work between the different frames. Algorithms and motion tracking can be used to ensure the new frames are seamlessly blended in with the regular frames.

Step 3: Romance

Slow motion should not be used too much. It is important that slow motion only be used when it can heighten the emotion. Too much slow motion can just make the romance seem cheesy and unrealistic. Put the slow motion in the scene and determine where slow motion is the most effective. The key is keeping the story moving and increase the romantic tension of the scene.

Step 4: Music

As with slow motion in the film, think about the music that is to be used. Should the paces of the music also change as the speed of the motion changes, or will it remain unchanged? The music used is extremely important and when using slow motion, think about how music and sound is used within the scene. 

Step 5: Romantic Climax

Ultimately, slow motion should be used at the romantic climax. Most romance movies will have the romance build throughout the film. They tend to follow similar paths, and using slow motion at all times will never create a satisfying climax to the movie. Slow motion can also be used to add some comedic relief to the movie. 

Step 6: Watch Other Films

If you are having any trouble deciding where to use slow motion, watch some of the more popular romantic movies and make note of where and how slow motion is used. This is a great learning curve, particularly if you are unsure of the best way to use slow motion.

Step 7: Other Effects

Combining slow motion with other effects can make for a lovely moment. Slow motion is frequently used with black and white, fade in and fade out, or a wash in and wash out. Post production software will easily be able to combine the slow motion effect with other edits and effects.