Using Slow Motion In News Reports

News reports use slow motion in many different ways. In particular, weather will use a type of slow motion similar to many other news events. As with any slow motion usage, it is best to determine where slow motion can be used to its best. With news reports, slow motion is strictly a post production procedure as the director does not have the luxury of planning on when to choose to use slow motion.  

Slow motion is not used extensively because of the fast pace of the news. It is rarely used for breaking news and is more common with those stories that can be planned in advance.


Slow motion can be used to show major weather events. Lightning and other weather phenomena can be beautiful when shown in slow motion. While the viewer may think that weather maps are slow motion footage, these maps are actually in fast motion, showing weather patterns over a course of hours. The weather will utilize gaps within the key frames to achieve the effect. 

Important Events

Many important events will use slow motion. The only issue with this type of slow motion is the fact that most of the time it is used with deaths, assassinations and shootings.  It is up to the producers to determine what is in good taste and what is not. However, by slowing down footage, it is possible to understand the events that occurred. Many times, the police will actually set what footage can and cannot be released on the news. 


Slow motion frequently accompanies a narrated report. The picture is slowed down to meet the pace of the story and the narration. If the footage was played at the real speed, then the viewer would not be able to understand the narrator. For the news, the speaker must follow a slow and even pace so that everyone can understand. While it might not seem that the footage is moving slower, it is when compared to the actual footage. 


Of almost any type of news story, sports will utilize slow motion. Slow motion is used for those game winning points or a fantastic athletic fete. Many times, slow motion must be used because the action happens so quickly that the viewer would otherwise miss it. Many times, these slow motion clips are quite short, so slow motion can easily be applied in a short amount of time.

Natural Disasters

It is quite common to have natural disasters shown in slow motion on the news.  These events happen so quickly in real life that it is impossible to see what occurs in real life. Scientists and reporters alike will use this footage to understand how these events occur and how they progress. Scientists can use the footage to learn safety measures to help notify individuals when the events occur.

Because most news channels will have plenty of video editing software at their fingertips, adding slow motion is quite easy. For those amateur news reports, there are plenty of free programs and other video editing to add slow motion to any footage necessary.