Using a Green Screen to Make a Skydiving Effect

Professional action movies often make use of a blue or green screen. This allows the producer to create all sorts of wonderful effects which you wouldn't ever see otherwise. Green screens make it easier, safer and much cheaper to do certain stunts. If you want to create a skydiving effect in your film, for example, then a green screen will be much cheaper than hiring a plane and doing the jump yourself.

A green screen is a great way to make your video much more exiting and interesting. No matter the type of film you are recording, you might find that green screen will be useful to you. Green screen effects are seen as being difficult to achieve, when actually it's possible to do this with normal movie editing software.

Choosing Software

First, you will need to give some thought to the software that you want to use to edit your movie. Chroma Key Green key features were once quite high end, but this is no longer the case. It's possible to do the effect using iMovie, Pinnacle Studio Pro and even Windows Movie Maker. Take a look at the different software that you might consider using. Everyone will have different requirements and find that different software will suit them differently.

Setting up the Screen

When doing green screen effects, the key is to choose a background color which does not feature anywhere else in your movie. The technique works by locking onto that one color and replacing it with your chosen video. Sometimes blue is also used if there is any green is in the video. Normally, any color can be used as long as it isn't anywhere else in the scene.

Recording the Video

If you are creating a skydiving effect, then you will probably need to have skydiving costumes and also use a harness to suspend yourself. To make the effect look even more realistic, you could also use a fan to create the impression of wind blowing you and your hair around.

At the end of this, you can review your video to check that you have a good video recorded in front of the green screen. At the moment, it won't look very realistic. Don't worry though because you will be able to use software later on to edit and remove the harness and green screen.


The method of editing the video to apply green screen effects will depend on the software that you are using. Almost all popular video editing applications have plugins and utilities to make these effects very easy to apply. In Adobe After Effects, for example, you can use the Keylight plugin. Using this is very easy.

First, you need to import your clip to the application. Then, you can use the Keylight filter to select the color of the green screen. This can be done by clicking the eye dropper tool and then clicking on the screen. Minor tweaking can be done so that you can select the entire screen without leaving any untouched. Once you have finished, click the view final result option to make the green screen transparent. The footage of the sky can then be added behind fairly easily.

Once you have finished, play back the whole video to take a look at what the composition looks like. If you're not happy, then you can still do some further editing.