Ultimatte: Taking Advantage of Video Correction Filtering

Ultimatte AdvantEdge’s new video correction filtering tool is specifically designed for beginners. It can be used to fix compression issues and fix color problems in a pre-recorded piece of digital video footage. To use this effect, users will need the Ultimatte AdvanteEdge plugin and either a piece of previously recorded video or an image.

Step 1: Using the Green or Blue Screen

For those that are new to blue or green screening, it can be difficult to correctly composite their video. Usually, beginners will use homemade mattes to create their shots. If not correctly painted, the matte can be overly dense in certain areas.

Further, most independent or beginner filmmakers will use digital video (DV) camcorders. While these are perfect for learning the film industry, there can be some issues when it comes to compositing these images.

DV video will create a boxy effect when images are taken from the blue or green screen and added to a new background. This will clearly indicate that the video was taken up against a matte, and it will give it a very amateurish and unrealistic look.

Step 2: Video Compression in DV

Since DV camcorders are beginner camcorders, the video will get highly compressed when filming. In fact, the DV video format will separately compress each frame, and this is done via the intraframe compression technique. The Intraframe technique will use previous frames to compress the current one, and each frame will use about the same amount of data.

This technique makes it easier to edit the clips. But, with all compression, some quality will be lost.

Step 3: Using the Video Correction Filtering

Ultimatte AdvantEdge’s video compression can be used with the following formats: 4:1:1, 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 (DV). This software will search through the clips and find any place where color data is missing due to the compression, especially the DV format’s intraframe compression. If it does find an area where the color is problematic, it will replace or restore that color to its original form.

This video correction tool will also deal with the beginner blue/green screen issues that create blocky subjects in the final composite. It will clean them up so that the final image is more realistic.

Step 4: AdvantEdge’s Automatic Features

Beginners may not realize that certain sections do not look as good as others. The ability to correct on a fine detail level comes with experience. But, with Ultimatte AdvantEdge, they do not have to worry about it.

The video compression filtering tool runs automatically. In fact, all of the tools for Ultimatte AdvantEdge can be run automatically, and it will correct issues as it finds them, and then it will composite the two images with the corrections.

While this is great, users should still watch their clips or scan through the images to ensure that the final product looks good. Sometimes, the Chrome Key tool will leave out shadows. These can be added back in using the Spill Ratio slider. If this slider is set to 40, the shadows should reappear.