Ultimatte Advantedge in Broadcast Journalism

Ultimatte AdvantEdge is software that is used specifically for blue screen and green screen effects. This software can easily composite many images together flawlessly. This type of software can be very beneficial to broadcast journalism, where images and other broadcasts are played behind the individual at the news desk. This plug-in works with Autodesk, Eyeon, Avid, Apple and Adobe software. It can easily be used to place the broadcaster in any place, without endangering them or creating an impossible situation.

Step 1: Shoot the Broadcaster

One important part of broadcast journalism is to shoot the actual broadcast. The broadcaster can be sitting in a studio at a desk or standing in front of a green or blue screen. Many times, the broadcaster will be shot after the actual sporting event or news worthy item has occurred. However, this can be done very quickly after the event depending on the situation.

Step 2: Get Footage of Event

Many times, the sporting event, weather map or natural disaster will be shown in the background. In some cases, it is easy for the broadcaster to be right at the scene, but many times it is simply too dangerous. Instead get footage from a distance of the event and then combine everything later. This is particularly useful for major storms, disasters or dynamic shots form sporting events. 

Step 3: Blue or Green Screen

In most cases, the broadcaster will need to be standing in front of a blue or green screen. Weather maps are traditionally used with blue screens, while all of the events can use green screens. Makes sure that the journalist doing the broadcast is not wearing a blue or green color, as this makes achieving the effect difficult. 

Step 4: Combine Clips

Using Ultimatte AdvantEdge makes it easy to composite the 2 clips together so that the broadcaster is now standing right in front of the event. The software works by selecting the green color in the background and removing it. In its place the event will be inserted. This is done using layers, chroma key and various channels. Ensure that a true green or blue screen is used, as this makes the effect much easier to achieve. A real green screen will only contain one shade of green. 

Step 5: Add Features

Advantedge also allows for video correction. This is the first tool available that can restore any color information that may have been lost. It can also fix any discoloration that can occur when light is reflected from the green screen. Many times, too much backing color will be reflected on to the subject. There is also an automatic roto screen correction. This makes the process of rotoscoping very easy, as this is traditionally very labor intensive.


There are many advantages to using Advantedge. This software was originally only available to professionals but has since been made available to the public. The interface has been redesigned so that it is very easy to use. There are several versions for layout and a dashboard that shows the different footage and effects that are available. There is so much more to matte control and chroma key effects. The latest version offers much more than what the original program offered in the 90s.