The Definition of Mise en Scene

When you first start to get into film making you might learn about Mise en Scene. Actually, understanding this concept can be quite difficult because it means a number of different things. There are many different aspects which need to be concentrated on to ensure that you completely understand Mise en Scene.

What Is Mise en Scene?

Mise en Scene is a French word which basically means composing the scene. The phrase is pronounced "Miza Sen" and learning how to apply it properly can make your videos look much better.


Mise en Scene has a number of different definitions. This can be confusing because film making is an art rather than an exact science. It's also something that's much younger than still photography, which means there are many new terms used to explain it which aren't in most people's common vocabularies.

The actual definition of this phrase is how everything is positioned and designed in your set. It is a theatrical term, but is normally applied to films too. The phrase is from France, although, it has been used in the English language for theatres and films since 1833.


The director has the control of the Mise en scene. The director has control of the position of the camera and who is on stage at a given time. The editor is able to control the montage.