Telling a Story with DVD Slideshows

DVD slideshows are an excellent way to tell a story. These are frequently used for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, family reunions and more. These sideshows can add a personal touch to a gift or celebration. Unearthing long forgotten memories to create a wonderful event that will last a long time. Creating these slideshows is also a lot of fun, as going though all the different photos will bring back memories and stories.

Step 1: Choose Software

There is plenty of software that can be used to create the slideshow. There are several free programs that can be downloaded online that only create photo slideshows, such as Photostage, DVD Slideshow GUI, Flash Gallery Creator and DVD Slideshow profession to name a few. Most video editing software will contain the ability to create this type of movie. Video editing software will allow for plenty of editing features and special effects.

Step 2: Collect Pictures

Collect together all the pictures that will be in the slideshow. If the pictures are new, then they may already be in digital format. Older pictures may need to be scanned and edited until they are in good shape. There is plenty of photo editing software that can deal with color correction, cropping and other edits.  Black and white photos can have color added if so desired.

Step 3: Put Photos in Order

Shuffle the photos around until the desired order is achieved. The photos may need to tell a story. Choose the photos that best tell the story. Try to make sure that each photo contributes to the story.  Preview the order to make sure it flows properly.

Step 4: Set Duration

The duration that each photo is displayed will depend on how the slideshow is being used.  If there is a text that goes along with the slideshow, make sure that the reader has plenty of time before the next picture is shown. Match up the timing properly. If the slideshow is being shown in a loop, then all the slides may need to be the same duration.

Step 5: Add Music

A great addition to a slideshow is music. Keep the music the same throughout the entire slideshow or change the music to fit each of the pictures. Have fun and play up each of the events. Music can add to the story and up the emotional impact even more. The tracks can be added as a timeline and matched directly with the slides as they transition from one to the next.

Step 6: Add Transitions

Transitions can be a lot of fun. The slides can fade in or out, have 3D effects, pan and more. Each software program will come with transition options. Only using 1 transition can get boring. Change the transitions and add sound effects. Transitions can make the slideshow dynamic. Have fun and see how the different transitions affect the slideshow. Rearrange the transitions. Transitions for a continuous slide show may be different than those that follow a narrative.

Step 7: Preview and Burn

Before burning the slide show movie onto a disc, preview it to make sure nothing needs and tweaks or changes. Once the show is complete, export it to the desired format or burn it to disc. The slideshow can be uploaded to different media devices or to disc and be played on all different types of electronic players.