Shooting a Movie Genre: Thriller

Considering the type of movie genre that you are shooting will make it easy to film a high quality and reliable film. If you are filming a thriller film, then you need to think of a clever and interesting idea to keep your audience occupied. A thriller film needs to be very clever and interesting. If the film isn't interesting enough, then people will normally get bored of it.

A thriller simply wouldn't be a thriller unless there were a lot of twists in it. The most important thing is to keep your audience guessing. Never allow them to know more information than they need to. Keeping things hidden from your viewers will make the movie even more interesting to watch.

Step 1: Preparing to Write

The first thing that you need to do is come up with a story. To make this easier, you should visit your local library and borrow thriller stories which are popular. You can also check out recent thriller films which were successful. Watch the films a few times, and note down anything which makes them successful.

Any successful thriller story needs to be shocking. Try to work out exactly why these stories are popular so that you can use them yourself. Figure out what needs to be done to captivate the audience.

Step 2: Find Something Unique

Now you know what sells, you should try to identify something that is missing in the market at the moment. It's no good to simply copy another story and turn it into a film. Instead, you should come up with a unique idea which will make your film better than all the others.

Step 3: Market Research

When you have a few ideas, you can then do some market research. If you know anyone who reads or watches thriller, then ask them for their opinion.

Step 4: Writing the Script

When you are writing the script, you need to try to make your story as flowing and intelligent as possible. You need to find a way to introduce your characters to make them appear more interesting to your viewers. By building the story slowly, you will be able to make it much more interesting to watch.

You also need to include some dialogue which is clever and interesting. This will make it easy to make people interested in your story.

Step 5: Danger

To make a thriller even more special, you need to create lots of dangerous situations to put your characters in. You will need to choose one hero or a group of heroes that manage to defy the audiences expectations. This will keep the audience guessing as to whether or not the heroes will survive. You need to keep on creating dangerous situations. Continue to raise the sense of danger throughout the film to encourage people to keep watching and to keep them intrigued.

Step 6: Filming

Once you have prepared all of this, you can then start to film your thriller movie. Make sure that the lighting is slightly spooky in certain scenes. When you have finished filming, you should then edit the video together so that it looks the best it can.