Shooting a Movie Genre: Science Fiction

When shooting a film, it is important to consider the movie genre. Every type of film is slightly different and will have different requirements and scripting needs. If you are producing a science fiction film, you will need to concentrate on visual special effects. These special effects make your video engaging and fascinating to watch.

As well as good special effects, you will also need to create a good story line. The story line will need to be interesting and believable. Although these films are often set in the future, the story still needs to be easy to understand and follow.

Step 1: Deciding on Your Story

First, you need to try and work out exactly why you want to write science fiction stories. Most people who want to write science fiction films will already have ideas about what they want to film. If you already have ideas about a futuristic world, then you will be able to turn this into a film fairly easily. You might also have created a character that you want to give their own story.

Step 2: Characters

The first thing that you will need to do is build up your characters. You need to give them as much of a back story as possible, which will make them easy to believe. Write down their names including their family names. You will then need to write down how they look and anything about them, which might be interesting in the film. You will need to include information about their relationships and personalities.

Step 3: Story Improvements

Start writing the scripts and devise which character or group of characters will become the hero. Try to work out exactly what the hero wants and how he is going to get it.

Step 4: The Planet

Decide where your science fiction film is based. Is it on Earth in the future, or is it on an alien planet which is unique? You will need to make the world look as believable as possible. You need to try and link everything together so that it's believable.

After you've finished writing the story, you should leave it a few days and then come back to it. This will allow you to spot any obvious mistakes which need to be improved.

Step 5: Improving the Story

Before you start filming read the script again, decide what improvements if any are needed. You might need to improve conversations or make the world look much more real.

Step 6: Filming

When you've finished all of this, you will then be able to start filming the science fiction film. This is something that is quite difficult to do, which is why you should start recording before your characters start moving. This will make it easy to edit and cut out anything that isn't essential.

Step 7: Editing

Edit the video to make it as professional as possible. Special effects can also be added at this time to make the film much more gripping to watch. Everyone loves a special effect, and these are fairly easy to add when using your computer.