Shooting a Movie Genre: Romantic Comedy

Filming a Romantic comedy is easy enough when you consider the unique movie genre. A RomCom is a very popular type of film because it's so much fun to watch. It's a type of film which can be enjoyed by men and women, as well as couples. These films normally have very clever story lines, which make them even more enjoyable to watch.

When filming a romantic comedy, the first step will be to come up with a good story line which is interesting and compelling. The beauty of romantic comedies is that they draw viewers in and make them excited.

Step 1: Getting Ideas

Before you can start to film a Romantic Comedy, you will need to come up with a good story. A great place to find ideas is to rent or buy romantic comedy films. You might also prefer to read some romantic comedy books. These films will help you to show you lots of useful ideas.

Note down the different things which make these romantic comedies successful. These tips can be incorporated in your films to make sure that they are more successful.

Step 2: Developing the Main Characters

Choose one character who will become the lead person in the film. You need to involve him in lots of romantic scenes showing his pursuit to win the girl's heart. You need to make your character easy to identify with. Viewers will like to watch a film where they can identify with the hero. Give the viewers plenty of opportunity to see the romantic scenes between the main character and his love.

Step 3: Competition

To add depth and interest to the film, you should introduce another desire who could be a contender. This will lead to lots of comedy too because conflicts will be amusing. Sometimes it works to show that the competition isn't as kind as the true love. This gives there a sense of good verses bad.

Step 4: Comedy

Add several large comedic moments in the film. Almost all popular romantic comedy films have a large comedic moment, such as the hair scene in There's Something about Mary. You need to work on making these films as funny as possible.

Step 5: Showing the First Meeting

You should show when your character first met his love interest. Even if this was while they were at school, you should show a flash back. Viewers will like to see how the characters met for the first time and will find it easier to relate to the characters when doing this.

The first meeting will probably be awkward, which will also make it funny. Many of the conversations throughout the film can be funny and amusing.

Step 6: Happy Ending

When filming a romantic comedy, it must have a happy ending. The story should almost always end with both of the lovers together against all odds. It might be possible to create a romantic comedy where the lovers are not together, however, this is unlikely.