Shooting a Movie Genre: Comedy

Shooting a different type of movie genre requires different pieces of equipments and types of scripts. If you want to shoot a comedy film, then you will need to make sure that you have all of the right things prepared. Comedies in particular are difficult to film because getting jokes just right can be tricky.

If you can pull a comedy off, then it will quickly become a huge success. A good comedy is something that everybody can enjoy regardless of age or sex. As long as you prepare yourself, it should be relatively easy to film a comedy show.

Step 1: Brainstorming

Before you can even start to shoot your comedy film, you will need to brainstorm your ideas. This will be the longest and most difficult process because coming up with new ideas can be tricky. If you can think of any ideas that you might want to include in your script, then write them down right away. Try to be as unique as possible when coming up with ideas and jokes. It's never a good idea to copy ideas from other shows because this won't make your work stand out.

Step 2: Writing Content

Once you have a general idea of your comedy film, you should then write your main content. This will also be time consuming and it might take a long time to get just right. While jokes are an important part of a comedy, they aren't the only thing that you should include. Simply stuffing your comedy full of lots of jokes isn't necessarily a good idea.

A good comedy needs more than jokes, as it also needs an ongoing story to tie everything together. Try to choose the punch lines so that they tie nicely into the script. Make sure that there are plenty of funny things for the audience to enjoy.

When writing your script, you should avoid watching any comedy movies on TV. This is because if you see any, it's too easy to copy them without realizing what you are doing. It's imperative that your video is completely unique.

Step 3: Visual Jokes

Don't just concentrate on writing down jokes for people to say. You should also spend time coming up with some visual jokes which can be enjoyed. These are where you ask your actors to do something funny.

Step 4: Filming

When you've finished writing your script, it's time to start recording. Set up the camera by mounting it on a tripod. A tripod is important because it will make it easier to take shots from one direction without the possibility of creating blurry shots. Aim the camera in the right direction and set the zoom. Then, hit record and start filming the video.

Step 5: Improvisation

Sometimes, some of the funniest things that you will see aren't actually scripted. If you let your actors mess around, then it might be possible to create something that you didn't expect.

Once you have captured your comedy video, you can then edit it on your computer and make any changes if required. It can then be burnt onto blur-ray or DVD for sharing.