Screenwriting: How To Write the Action

Anyone interested in screenwriting might be interested in writing an action film. Action movies are very interesting because they get the viewer excited and make sure that their adrenalin is pumping. A good action movie is very popular. If it's written properly the audience will feel everything that they think the hero should feel. When you are trying to film an action movie there are a number of things that you need to bear in mind.

Action movies are supposed to be able to draw the audience in and make them feel part of the story. This is hard to do but it is something that's great fun to do. Writing an action film isn't that difficult but writing a good action film will require a whole lot of patience.

Step 1: Coming up with a Story

First you need to develop your plot and come up with a useful story. Action movies are often very complicated but this doesn't need to be the case. You can create an action movie which isn't too complicated but gets straight to the action. You can choose from a number of basic story lines including a family man trying to save his family from the bad guys, someone searching for revenge or a hero fighting a large conspiracy.

Step 2: Designing Characters

Once you have a basic story line you will then need to come up with some characters. Start making notes about these characters so that you know everything possible about them. You will need to know about their names, interests and any relationships that they are having. Try to make the characters as sophisticated and as detailed as possible. This will make the whole film look much more believable and also make it easier to follow.

Step 3: Location

Next you need to write about your locations. Design exactly where the film is set and try to make this as detailed as possible. The sets need to be large enough for all of the action scenes to be acted out. You will also need plenty of outdoor locations including office buildings, and harbors.

Step 4: Writing the Outline

When you have all the basics you can then start writing the outline of the story. Try to make it as detailed as possible, although you will be able to add many more details in at a later date if you prefer. You can choose to use a variety of different action scenes including car chases, martial arts fights, shootouts or a brawl in the street. All of these are stunts and so you will need to hire actors or stunt men who are capable of doing this.

Step 5: Visual Effects

Come up with some great visual effects which will make your film even more interesting to watch. Try to be as descriptive as possible with the effects. This makes it easy to decide how the whole film will play out.

When you know this, it is then possible to put the finishing touches to your movie script. An action movie will normally last 90 minutes. Make sure that all 90 of these minutes are worthwhile. Cut out anything which isn't essential to make your film as high quality as possible.

When you have an ideal screenplay you can then start producing the film.