Making Your Film Monochrome in Camera

Your camera can quite easily be turned into a monochrome camera by adjusting a few settings. This makes it possible to capture video on your camera in monochrome colors without first needing to do any editing. The method of doing this is surprisingly simple, although the process will differ depending on your camera.

It's also important to make sure you certainly want the video in monochrome. Recording the video on your camera in monochrome format means that you won't be able to get an untouched copy of the video if needed. You could consider filming a video as normal and then converting it to grey scale on your computer. This will mean that you will always have a copy of the video if needed.

Step 1: Reading the Instructions

Every camera works slightly differently and you need to read the instructions to discover how to use it. If you don't have the instruction manual anymore, then you will be able to find it on the Internet. When reading the manual, you need to take a look at the sections which refer to the filters and options to turn on monochrome settings.

Step 2: Accessing the Menu

Switch your camera on and turn it into recording mode. Then, press the button which accesses the menu. The button is normally marked menu, but if you're not sure then you should look at the diagram inside the manual. The menu should then be loaded on the cameras screen.

Step 3: Shooting Mode

This is where every camera will be slightly different. Select the option for shooting modes, themes or filters depending on your camera. If you're not sure which option to select, then you should re-read the relevant section in the manual. Select the option by pressing the select button. This will load a display of various different filters which can be applied to your video camera.

Step 4: Applying Filters

Use the up and down button to select the different types of filters which are available with your video camera. The different types of filters available will depend on the camera that you are using. Press the select button once you have selected the monochrome filter and it will be applied to your camera automatically.

Step 5: Recording

With the filter applied, you can now aim the camera as normal and press the record button to start shooting your video. When filming, you should be able to see the results in monochrome as recording. This makes it easy to see how the video will look when finished. When you've finished recording, press the shutter button again and the video should then be stored on memory cards or tapes.

Step 6: Downloading the Video

Once you have finished recording and the file is finalized on the memory card, you then need to download it onto your computer. Connect the camera to your computer using a firewire or USB cable. Download the file, and you can then open it in your favorite video editing application. It's easy to edit the video and add even more effects if needed.